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Sumner Group

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“You know it when a new program is introduced, like the ERC, it seems like everyone gets on the bandwagon and wants to become the expert and work with your business. Relationships, expertise, and responsiveness are very important to me and the team at ERC Funding have these three as a core philosophy. Answering and returning calls promptly, working hard and smart was a hallmark of my experience. My questions were answered and they helped me navigate the unchartered waters of the ERC program. I am very pleased with my results. And I am a bit on the hard side to please. This group is good. If you are considering an ERC, call them.”

Michael Sumner
Owner/Sumner Group
North Carolina


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“More notices AND CHECKS arrived !!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!
You guys have been AMAZING. Wow!
Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!”

– Maurizio Cocchi

Vishal Enterprises Inc.

“The ERC Funding team was excellent. They were thorough and diligent in their work, they maximized my refund and they also made sure that all was done within the legal guidelines. I highly recommend them”

– Mahesh Moorjani
Vishal Enterprises Inc.