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Why ERC Funding

Why ERC Funding

Helping You with Your Employee Retention Tax Credit Refund Needs

Understanding the nuances of the Employee Retention Credit including eligibility, compliance, and calculating your credit can be very daunting and time-consuming. Our team of experts is well-seasoned with the Employee Retention Tax Credit and the 200+ pages of IRS guidelines.

Why Us?

Our team of experts is well-seasoned with ERC and the 300 pages of IRS guidelines.


The ERC program is by far the most difficult stimulus program to navigate. We make it an afterthought.


On average, we are able to help our clients file with the IRS within 1-3 weeks after initial contact.


We will maximize your credit to the fullest while making sure you are in full legal compliance.


We’ve helped hundreds of businesses claim millions in credit.

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Check Your Eligibility in 30-Seconds!

Content The employee retention tax credit can award your business up to $26,000 per W2 employee. Take our quiz and check your eligibility in seconds.

Helping you each step of the way

ERC Funding is a fully integrated Employee Retention Credit Refund consulting firm. We are equipped to help you with everything ERTC. We can assist you with calculating and filing your ERC, helping you get your money faster.

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ERC Eligibility & Filing

We’ll assist you in determining your eligibility, calculating your refund, and filing your documents with the IRS to get you paid.

ERC Refund Advance

Need your refund fast? We can help you by getting you and advanced payment of your ERC.

ERC Audit Help

If you have already filed your ERC and want to make sure it was done properly, or if you are getting audited by the IRS and need help, we are here for you.